Monday, May 27, 2013

Balancing act

When the universe gives you a huge bowl of greatness it tends to balance things out by throwing some shit into the mix! Finically we are living on a tight budget due to me not having as many hours. We have had to do some MAJOR cut backs and I have taken on a second summer job to try and catch up before our little guy arrives! I really cannot believe I did, it sounds crazy to be pregnant and working two jobs but I know it will be worth it in the end!  This way we can get back on track and start saving for our dreams and goals. I have had one or two folks ask “well how are you going to afford it all when you go on parental leave? Kids are so expensive!”  Simple answers for that are babies/kids do not have to be expensive unless you make it that way!  Very little in a babies world needs to be brand new! Many people sell their barley used like new baby items at less then half of what they paid for them in store!  Budgeting and being frugal is key! We have hit up a few garage sales in our area, we found a lady selling newborn to 1 year clothing for 25 cents per piece! There were some really nice outfits some still with the tags on, but all were very pink and very frilly so we sadly :( couldn’t take advantage of that steal. But we have found some awesome baby items for next to nothing that we can use! ...I love garage sales and so happy they are in season before our little boy is due!! 

So yes we have had to cut back on a few things that we will miss but in the end I know together we can get through this little rough patch and it will be fun! (yes FUN!  believe it or not some of the best family times we have had happened when our funds were low!!)

Thank you to my love T for installing this awesome clothesline, to not only help out our bank account but our environment to! I love seeing the clothes all hung up makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!! (It’s the small things that get me excited! LOL)

Stay Positive & Happy Monday to all!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Poison Ivy...

Sigh...I am a bit of a geek. I love comic books and have a nice little collection going. One of my favourite characters is Poison Ivy! I saw her on a poster when I was very young and have always been fascinated by that green skin and wild red hair. I hadn't thought about her for a VERY long time but since our little meet up over the long weekend, she has been on my mind night and day, driving me CRAZY! No I didn't go to a comic book convention and fall in love with some cosplay girl, I went for a walk on a trail and managed to get poison ivy all over my legs! I have to say being 6 months pregnant and having the most itchy rash on earth combined with really humid hot weather has turned me into my very own comic book villain... MEGA BITCH! (luckily the last few days have been cooler) In my defence I can't help it, it's sore and Itchy is putting it mildly! Sleeping is hard and nothing seems to take the itch away!! It seems to be fading so here is hoping this affair doesn't last much longer!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!! Try to stay positive!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

DIY Project # 2

This was one I just did for fun, it did not turn out as I hoped it would because the wood was pretty bumpy which made it really hard to paint and write on. I still think it looks awesome in the little guys’ room though! I can honestly say the pictures don't really do this tiny work of art any justice.
I took an old piece of barn wood we found in a fallen down barn by our house and this is what came to life from it! (There are some really cool pieces of wood in that barn; I will most definitely have to go rummaging again...just have to find a reason to first LOL)
Best of all it cost us 0$ to do this as we had everything already at home from other little crafty things we have done.

P.S We had originally wanted a sock monkey type theme for Oz's nursery but it was kind of blah and for some reason it seemed impossible to find sock monkey stuff in Canada(to order online the price was out of this world expensive!). So we chose a new idea that I am very much in love with! It is going to be a surfer/sea turtle type thing -  I love all the funky colours and all the neat ideas that our imagination comes up with! 

Just in case you can’t read it this is what it reads: Always Remember You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than you Seem, Smarter Than You Think and Loved More Than You Know!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to All! It does not matter if you hold your child(ren) in your heart, your womb or in your arms you are all mothers just the same! I wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 10, 2013


The other night I had a very quiet night alone. I sat in Oz’s room listening to music and watching the sunset from his window. I just sat and thought about things good and bad. I thought about how we came to the spot we are in right now. How did one little “bed chat” (we always seem to chit chat just before we fall asleep) turn into actually being halfway through our first pregnancy?? It hit me hard when that thought came rolling in…... really?? Halfway …Holy Shit it seems like yesterday we were waiting to pee on a stick! I went as far as to look up how long we really do have left…in just 18 short weeks he will be with us.  I kind of went into panic mode. All these thoughts flooded my mind and I couldn’t shake them. I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts and the fact that I was very excited inside but equally scared. A new life will be added to this world and will forever change our lives. 

A million questions roll around in my brain…will we be good at the baby thing? Will we know what to do? Will Sj feel like we don’t spend time with her? Will I know if I am going into “real” labor? Will I shit the bed when giving birth? (Yes that has crossed my mind LOL) Will I be able to breast feed like I want to? What does it feel like to breast-feed? Will he be ok? what will the little bean look like? Will T be able to be with me when I give birth? (She works nights so it is a possibility she may not make it home in time) If she is not with me, am I strong enough to give birth alone? How will our relationship/family change & grow when the little guy comes? 

As I have been pregnant and gave birth once before, should I not know the answers to some of these? I am not the only one that thinks that, when I asked the doctor on our last appointment what contractions feel like …she gave me the strangest look. I really don’t know how one feels or what it feels like to give birth. As hard as I try I cannot remember Sj’s birth. All I remember is a very scared 16-year-old girl who had no clue what was going on.  I feel now that I am older I just want to be as prepared as I can, I want to ask a million questions and be calm about everything (as calm as I can be while in labor) I know I want to try to have a natural birth but I also know that nothing with child birthing goes as you plan or imagine it to. I have come to the conclusion I just need to take a deep breath, enjoy all the little moments this summer and hope for all the best come September!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY project #1

 We have been working on our summer to-do list and it is long! A lot of it is little projects that will make all of our lives a little more easier when baby comes along and some are just for fun.

One of the things I wanted to do was say goodbye to this old VERY annoying dog gate we have had for years! This little thing has drove me crazy it would fall over constantly, it would trip us, it took up space and it was always getting in the way....with three dogs was just a big pain in the ass! (not to mention ugly)
I am not sure why I never bothered to just go out and buy a new one that attached to the wall, it was just one of those things we put up with for no good reason.
T's Aunt gave us a very old crib, although we all kind of knew it could not be used for a crib anymore, we decided to take it anyways because it was nice of her aunt to offer. It has sat against the wall  for a few weeks now.  One day when I was looking over at it and wondering how on earth I am going to get rid of it... a little light bulb went off and that's how an old crib got a new purpose!  It cost us less the 5$, gave us two gates to use and it makes things a lot easier!  (now I can at least tell her auntie it wasn't safe to use but we turned it into something very useful!)

Bye Bye old gate! (no worries it will not be heading to the garbage! It is still in great shape so I am giving it to a friend in need of one!)
Crib rails before being cut down to fit door way.
After being put up with hinges so that it can swing open! Attached to the wall YAY! no more tripping over or having the gate fall down!!
Best part is it fits nicely right against the wall so it is never in our way!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Enjoy your day!!