The Time Line..

November 2011: we both decided we want to share our love and have a baby! (Both very excited!!)
December 2011: We head to the fertility clinic for our very first information appointment! (YAY!)
December-February: Search and search and even more searching for the "right" donor (way harder then we thought it would be!)
March 14, 2012- We got MARRIED! YAY!
April 2012 - IUI# 1 - did the trigger shot but no meds  (Big Negative) :(
Decided to take a break -regroup and save some $
September 2012 - We decided it was time to try again (we are so excited to expand our family!)
November 2012 - Decided to do the HSG test to see if any tubes are blocked - (Nope all is perfect "down there") YAY!!
Chose a new donor that fits what we where looking for to a T! (was surprisingly easy this time LOL), started new prenatal vitamins, Royal Jelly and relaxation meditation.
December 14 2012- IUI# 2 - 100% natural cycle (no trigger shot either!)Two mature eggs dropped :D
December 23 2012 - BFP! OMG YAY!
January 16 2013 -  Our First Prenatal appointment!
February 13 2013 - Prenatal appointment went well all looks good! Dr. sent a request for an early ultrasound to see if there is one or two in there!! :D
February 28 2013 - ultrasound booked!
March 13 2012- We heard the heart beat!
April 17 2012 -Ultrasound showed we are having a healthy little boy!
September 16 2012 - our little guy has arrived! 9lbs 13oz.!!

Below: our last test taken Dec 26!!

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