Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday post #2!

The great name debate!!

I work as a secretary at an early learning centre. I hear and have heard almost every name imaginable. I have never been one to judge or say something about a parent’s choice of name. Even celebrities and their wild choices for baby names doesn't faze me, After all I know how much thought and time goes into choosing the right name for your little bundle. Some people I come right out and ask “what does that name mean?” not in a rude way just my curiosity gets the best of me. I never have been meet with anything but moms and dads who are overjoyed to share why they chose the name and what it means. I love some people’s choice to go outside of the names like Matthew and Madison (nothing wrong with those names just a few of the ones I hear the most often!!)  One mom  named all three of her little girls after flowers because she herself was named after a flower, some chose a name that is mixture of both parents names mixed up to make a unique name that I have never heard before. I think it is wonderful that we as parents get this honour. So when I was meet by rude comments and harsh words by my loves family and then to my astonishment my own mom! I was sadden, We chose a name we both fell in love with, it fit with us and it was the one we just couldn’t stop thinking about. It brought us both down to hear people we care for found this name so disgusting? It wasn’t a name we had never heard before, the meaning of it is strength and courage, what parents would not want their child to have strength in times of toughness or have courage to go out into the world and be who they are and love what they do?  It has puzzled me that this two letter name has caused such uproar?!? Have any of you had such drama around your choice of name?

Such a Happy Sunday!

I have not been on in a little while.... but such great news to read when I did come online today! I can't seem to stop smiling for all those in blogland that have got those BFP they have been dreaming about!! So exciting and happy to hear! Congratulations to you all and thank you, you have all really made my Sunday that much more bright! Positive vibes for those who have yet to find out or who are just starting/in the TTC journey!

One more picture of our little guy and some of our painting up the nursery! Painting the nursery was so much fun for us. It was nice to have the sun shining in on us, the window's open and laughing along while we worked away, after a long cold gray winter it felt like Paradise! I have a few DIY ideas I have been plucking away at I will post those up soon! Happy Sunday everyone! Stay positive!

Taping up the room was the hard part  we had to do it twice as we wanted two different colours!

almost time to paint! YAY!
one colour done! :) My luv being sun silly!

All done! this is with the other colour on too! It was supposed to be a more funky green but it didn't paint on that way..oh well still love it!

We can't wait to meet you only 5 months to go!! YAY!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

WOW!! :D

We are expecting a little gentleman! I had a feeling it was a girl but our little bean was a boy!!

SO EXCITING!! We do have another ultrasound today for our 19 week measurements! So we will get to find out all over again! The one we did yesterday was one we booked just for fun. We got a little heart beat frog (so cool to have a keep sake with the little guys heart beat!!) a DVD of the whole ultrasound and a CD of some pictures of the wee one! 
the little monkey was moving and grooving ....A LOT!! So we were not able to get any real good ones but today we will get some more here is hoping! 

Giving us a thumbs up! (The umbilical cord looked like liquorice to me)

Cute little toes! 

His little legs were up on his belly in this one

He seems to be looking at his little fingers! LOL 
Take care everyone and have a great week!! Positive vibes to all!! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Gender Shmender... :P

~Warning long post ahead~

My dear love T is a great GREAT!! person and I don’t just say that because I am married to her, I say that because it is the truth! Not many people would take the time in this world to get to know this special person. As sad as it is they always wonder Girl? Or Boy? What is T? We get stares A LOT and it upsets my love & me, as she just wants to be her self. She doesn’t want to get a sex change to become a “guy” she just wants to be accepted as a person who likes more “masculine” type things. You see my love doesn’t identify as any particular “sex” she does enjoy more of societies idea of “boy things” and I think it is great, it makes T who she is! I have ALWAYS even at a young age questioned why some toys only had girls advertised in them and why some only had boys in them? Why do cars have to be a boy thing? Why do dolls have to be a girl thing? Why does pink = girl and blue = boy?  These questions raddle my brain more and more these days. 
We went shopping for baby items and it was scary to see that to the left of us was pink! Pink! Pink! To the right was… you guessed it blue! Blue! Blue! Everything from car seats to diapers was gender labeled with Girl or Boy.  Only a very small amount would be considered “gender neutral” because it had greens and yellows on it.
The car ride home brought up many little conversation about things we want to teach our son or daughter the main thing was teaching them acceptance for all people and to stand up for who they are.  We talked about the sad stories we have heard over the past few weeks about kids bulling and how hard it is for kids (even adults) to just be themselves without harsh judgment. I was bullied in school, beat up and teased regularly all because I liked my hair blue and wore a backpack in the shape of a happy face (I LOVED that backpack!!). I was a strong person inside and although some days it was VERY hard I tried to never let it get me, but I know not everyone is strong. Some of these kids have taken their own life because of these "bulling acts" and it sadness me.  I can’t help but think that maybe if we didn’t put pressure on our wee ones to conform to a role or to fit in to the “mold” of what is considered “normal”, if we let our daughters ware a transformer shirt and let our little guys play with a pink easy bake oven ......maybe things would change?
I am guilty of the pink = girl, when I look back at when I was younger (16 years old) and raising Sj alone there were times that I said “no that’s a boy’s toy silly” I cringe at the thought that those words ever passed through my lips. There is no “boys” or “girls” toys ...there is just toys. Media had me tricked to some degree to believe that there are girls and boys things for children, but over the years I have come to see that there isn’t. We decided that no mater what we are having we will only buy items that we love and that are neutral.  As our little monkey grows and starts to chose things that they love and want to wear or have, I am going to do the same thing we do with our daughter now, I will be there for them and let them know its ok to wear bright orange pants if they want and there is nothing wrong with wanting a bag in the shape of a happy face!

Hope you all have a great Weekend! 

~Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's a tough enough world out there...... Try just giving someone a smile this weekend you just never know who's day you might make a difference in!!~

Sigh...I miss you backpack! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

I might be a chronic toilet paper checker...

Sorry to this blog and anyone who has been checking in on us! It has been a few weeks I feel bad for not getting on here sooner! I do have a few things I want to blog about but I will start with this one and maybe post another tomorrow!

 My sister lost her baby a few weeks ago, I have been trying my best to be there for her and help her with her up and coming wedding (July 27th). She was so hoping to be pregnant on that day.  Although sad she has come to terms with it and has decided to stop all trying until they can figure out why she cannot carry a wee one past a few months.  Since the news I have found myself checking and examining all the toilet paper I use in a day! I don’t even know what I am looking for I just check to put my mind at ease I guess? I also worry about others a little more now.  I decided not to post on Facebook about our baby appointments or anything like that. I remember how it felt finding out that all these friend’s of mine were getting pregnant but we were not there yet, it was sad and heartbreaking even though I was happy for them I was still sad for us.  I have so many friends (maybe even more that don’t talk about it) who are TTC,  two we meet at the fertility clinic who had their IUI done the same day as us right in the next room and are still TTC. I don’t want to make them feel sad in anyway by me posting up on Facebook every little stage or upcoming baby related thing, I will save that for this blog as then it is a choice to read it or not. Everyone I know who is TTC is always on my mind, I am always sending out little hopes and wishes for all of my friends and bloggers that are in the TTC journey. Routing for them in silent hoping that soon they will have their chance to hold their babies in waiting!

Baby Related update:
Our little monkey is the size a sweet potato, I feel the baby moving inside me, it feels odd but comforting! We are very excited that we get to see the baby twice next week and find out if we are expecting a girl or boy! ( I am more excited to put a name to the belly!)  

Positive vibes to everyone TTC or getting ready to TTC!!