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I had no way of transferring the first few posts of our baby making journey over from so I thought I would just post them here for any one who wants to see!

Post # 1: Nov. 22, 2012 

Our First IUI didn't work...but we were glad!

T and I wanted to start trying for family shortly after we got married! We had picked out our donor and ordered one vile. We were all ready to go for April! We were both very excited and could not wait for the “first” attempt. we were sooooooo sooo hopeful that it would work..I mean why wouldn’t it work? I was working just fine “down there” and I had a super great  follicle, I surged on my own, sperm count was awesome all seemed to be in our favour…but we still got a big negative. Of course we were sad and upset, we had our little crying spurts… but when we talked about it we realized that everything happens for a reason. We hadn’t figured a few things out yet and now we had time to do so (and I am glad we did) not that if it was positive we wouldn’t figure them out, but it was a little sigh of relief. We are so ready to be parents and want this to happen as quick as it can but we had to sort a few things out like what would T be called? this was a big issue for her and we never really looked at it until the feelings of the first failed IUI brought it up. It brought up a lot of good feelings though!  It made us stronger and made us realize that we want this and will wait and do as many IUI’s as it takes!
“One day at a time, “Even miracles take a little time.” (luv that quote!)
Now we both feel that we are in a much better place to go forward and make this happen. we are not uneasy or have a zillion questions anymore. We have a girls named picked …a boys named picked. We have what we would like the nursery to be. T found the parent name that we feel fits her best. It just seems right this time around ! we are much more at peace with the whole process of IUI’s, where as before it was all so new to both of us and it kind of felt like we went in blind folded. Now we are armed with knowledge, a new donor, and  big huge positive attitudes!
We can’t wait to be pregnant, this baby will be loved to death when he or she arrives!
We are waiting patiently for you little one!! xoxoxoxox

Post # 2: Nov. 28, 2012 

YAY! The count Down Begins 
Only 6 days until Aunt Flo is due to arrive! We will be super excited to see her!! We can finally be on the way to getting Pregnant! YAY!!

Post # 3: Dec. 6, 2012

The Eggies are Cooking! 
We had our Cycle day # 4 appointment this morning and it went great!
Right side had 4 follicles one was 7 the other 3 were less then 7!
Left side had 5 follicles 10,9,8,7 and 7!!!
waiting on the blood results! :)
we go back on the 12th to have another look at them!
Stay positive and baby dust to everyone!! :)

Post # 4: Dec. 7, 2012

Going in "au naturale"!
We have hummed and hawed a bit about if we wanted to do the trigger shot or any medication this time around. The last IUI all we did was the trigger thats all that they suggested as my body was doing all it needed to all on it’s own. So with that we have officially decided not do the trigger or any medications. We are just gonna trust this body of mine to do what it was meant to do!

Post # 5: Dec. 12, 2012

The Count down for the big day! 
We went in nice and early this morning for our cycle day #10 ultrasound and blood work! Turns out I have 2 follicles brewing on the left side only (one was hiding and making the other one look like a 24 but she found it!) one is a nice big 20 and the other little guy is a 17!! Back in tomorrow or possibly today depending on blood work :) My lining was a 10 with a nice triple line (that’s what the tech said so I’m guessing that’s a good thing LOL) !

Post # 6: Dec. 13, 2012

Still Cooking but almost done! :)
We went in again this morning for our cycle day # 11 appointment! Looks like a have two eggs in the running and almost ready to go! Both on the left side. One is now a 20 and the other is now a 21! There also was a smaller one that was a 7. My blood came back yesterday as an LH surge of 16, so they want us back in tomorrow nice and early!
So exciting!!! (Our IUI most likely will be tomorrow!)
on a little side note: We went Geocaching on the weekend… like we always do! After much searching we found the hidden Geocach and opened it up, sitting there was a bean that you plant and it was a “good luck” bean it had a four leaf clover on one side and the words “good luck” on the other, we planted it yesterday so that we can watch it grow in our two week wait! The packaging said that it will grow into a beautiful climbing house plant! (maybe this bean will bring us all some luck!)

Post # 7: Dec. 14, 2012

Officially on our Two Week Wait! YAY
Today went wonderfully! We had our ultrasound and both the eggies had dropped. The nurse and tech felt that they probably had dropped just a few hours before the ultrasound… not sure how they could know that but was great news to hear! So that’s it! Hoping that all goes well and this will end in a healthy pregnancy and baby for us! We saw the little swimmers under the microscope and they seemed to be moving and grooving! The nurse said it was an excellent specimen!
Stay Positive and Baby dust to Everyone!

Post # 8: Dec. 16, 2012

YAY Progesterone!
So yesterday and today my boobs have been sore.. which I know has zero to do with if I am pregnant or not. BUT it does let me know that my body is producing that little hormone called Progesterone all on its own! Hopefully it sticks around for a while : D

Post # 9: Dec. 18, 2012

4 Days past our IUI 
Today Is 4 days past our 2nd IUI.. We have been keeping busy and trying not to think about test day (anyone in a two week wait always wonders about test day LOL) My love T is sooo soo excited to test she says she has a “good feeling about this time”, me on the other hand I am terrified to test…I think it’s because we have already had a BFN and I know how we both felt so sad after. I always try to think positive and I have been telling myself that what is meant to happen will happen after all what else can we do? By now the egg has been fertilized or it hasn’t been, so in the meantime we are just going to enjoy our time waiting to find out the news by doing all the things we love to do together!
Stay positive and Baby dust to everyone <3

Post # 10: Dec. 21, 2012

Dreams can put you in a downer mood...
This whole cycle I have been hopeful and relaxed, I have not stressed one bit about test day or weather or not we are going to get that BFP. I have been in the “ just let it happen” state of mind. But last night I had a dream that we were not expecting and it kind of upset me when I woke and has been floating around my mind all morning. I know it’s silly but I can’t help but feel a little bit down today because of it.
On the upside we are getting a lot of nice pretty snow outside just in time for the Holidays & it’s Friday! :D

Post # 11: Dec. 27, 2012

Our Christmas wish actually came true! 
I would have gotten on here to blog sooner but the holidays have kept me busy!
But I wanted to share our little “Christmas miracle” story with you all!
Well my dear love had been bugging me to test and I have been saying “no hun its way to early” but when she came home Sunday (9 DPIUI) with a test I agreed but reminded her it was still early and not to be sad or get down if it does come out negative…because there is still time. So I peed in the cup and let my love do the honors while I brushed my teeth. All I heard was “OMG I see it”…at this point I was like “ya ok hun nice joke” LOL(she is always playing tricks on me lol) then I looked and My heart was ponding out of my chest, I started to cry I did see it a faint but real line. So we did what any crazy hopefuls would do, we went out and bought a more sensitive test of a different brand and my love insisted on getting a few more for the next few days LOL We are both in shock that we actually got a positive! Words cannot describe just how amazed and extremely grateful we are that it worked. We are hoping and staying positive that this little bean will stick around for the next 9 months! We will be getting blood work as soon as we can!

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