Monday, December 23, 2013

Ornaments :)

We have been busy doing a bunch of Christmas activities! we did salt dough ornaments and gave the hand print ones out as gifts to a few lucky people! We did a foot print for his "first Christmas" ornament. We also did Sj's hand print onto glass ornaments and gave those as gifts as well! We tried to do the little guys but it was a huge fail lol We have been doing a ton of family activities and lots of fun  yummy baking! We have decided NOT to send Sj back to school. We are going to try our hand at homeschooling but more on the "unschooling" style for her at this time! I am nervous and excited about the idea of homeschooling. I attended a very helpful and extremely informative homeschooling workshop last week and it really helped us in our decision making.

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas ornament making  shenanigans!

Merry Christmas Blog land!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

A not so Merry Christmas

Our Daughter has been going through some serious preteen drama these days. Last Thursday we had to do something I never thought we would have to do. We had to bring Sj to the hospital in fear that she may harm herself over school drama. They admitted her for 3 days because she cut her arms up. I knew the high schools were getting bad but I never knew the extent, until now. There is so much more pressure to fit in and to belong to a certain group of kids. We are lucky that Sj can feel comfortable enough to talk to us about how she is feeling or this could have ended in tragedy. Dealing with this has really put a damper on our holidays. We are dealing with so many appointments and trying to help her the best we can. I'm hoping the Christmas bug will bite us soon but for now I'm trying to nudge it along by doing Christmas type family thing's like decorating the empty tree that has been sitting in our living room for a week.

Have a great weekend all!