Monday, August 26, 2013

What a week!

Hope everyone is doing well!

The story of our crazy move and what a story it is!

Well we had to move last Saturday, we had one day to do it all and well I was not much help as I am ready to pop! Luckily we had a few helpers and it didn't go to bad packing up the truck to leave for a new town 6 long hours away! We did not get to our new town and new "home" until 10:30 Saturday night (a very very long time to be stuck in a small car with three dogs!) The house we were renting we had not seen yet (BIG mistake) we took the guys word that it was move in ready, the price to rent it was not cheap either so we figured it had to be nice.... when we went in... it was the most disgusting home we had ever seen and we knew we could not live there but what do you do? 10:30 at night? small town? dogs? a moving truck full of everything we own? I was just trying not to go into labour at this point! T was very upset all we could do was find a motel and figure out what to do in the morning! T had to sleep in the car as we could not bring the dogs in. Needles to say it was a long night for everyone! The feeling of being very pregnant and homeless hunted me most of the night.  In the morning we woke up early and started looking frantically online and in newspapers for a house that we could live in. We were not feeling very optimistic as it was a Sunday! We waited a bit and then decided we had to make the 6 hour trip back, we did not have a place there either but we had friends and family we could stay at for a little while. About 5 minutes into our drive back we surprisingly got a call back! We thought ok we are here we minas well check it out, it was about a half hour from where we were going to live and to us that was fine. we pulled up and waited for the guy to show us the house the outside wasn't much but the inside looked awesome! He came and showed us the 2 bedroom was nice but when we saw the two bedrooms upstairs we knew it would not be workable for our family, they were side by side and an open door to separate the 2. Sadly we marched outside to let him know but then he said I have one more place it`s a 4 bedroom and on a different street not sure if you are interested...of course we were! when we pulled up it was so cute and the view from the front porch was gorgeous! Our hopes were high! We were not disappointed! It was more then anything we could of asked for! Everyone was so friendly, even the Town Forman came out on a Sunday to turn the water on for us so we could have showers! I have always believed things happen for a reason and this proves it without a doubt! It is so cheap to rent this beautiful home that I will not have to return to work right away when my year of maternity leave ends! We are so grateful that everything worked out for the better!! Baby is due in 13 days!  I went to see the hospital, meet the OB staff and see where little Oz will be born! I love and have so much confidence in our new OB and the nurses at the hospital! We are getting more and more excited to meet this little bean! The hospital is still an hour away but I know we will make it!

one of the many views from our new home :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

less then 4 weeks left..

I have been so busy sorry for not getting on here sooner!
Less then 4 weeks left until our due date, and things are crazy! T is gone again this week as she has been every week for the past little bit and I am hoping our little Ozzie stays put for now!! :(  I have had little ..YES little prenatal care for last few weeks now! I am supposed to see the Doc every 2 weeks or maybe it's every week? Thankfully I saw the Doc last week and she said all looked great, only one concern was protein in my urine! She felt it was nothing to worry about as my BP was normal and good! Not seeing a doctor regularly scares the shit out of me :( I officially started maternity leave at the start of August! I have been taking this extra time to just relax and sleep..sleep.. sleep! (not that this is easy to accomplish because it is just so darn hard to get comfy these days!! Arghhh!)  I also found out that the town we are moving to does not do deliveries (OMG) and we will have to drive to the other hospital that does... an hour away...this has got me a  little on the "omg I am going to give birth in the car" side of things. T's work brings her an hour and a bit in the opposite direction so this means we could have a 2 hour journey to the hospital  if I go in to labour while she is working ..yikes! We meet the new OB next week and they say he is very good and that there is some kind of a plan in place as soon as labour hits!(phew)
We do the big move this Tuesday!! We are a mixed bag of emotions happy, excited, stressed and concerned! I believe that all will go well :)Our new house is only a 2 minutes from a recreation center, a water park, Sj's School, a mom's group, and walking trails! I am happy that we will be able to stay active & busy once the little guy gets here! We bought 3 knew items for our little champ over the weekend! We also have gotten many cute and great gifts from friends and family which is awesome!  we can not thank them enough!
Hope everyone in blogland is doing great today! I have been checking up on everyone every few days  just to make sure all is well!

Item number 1 & 2 came as a set

number 3 is our feeding pillow!