Thursday, June 27, 2013

BIG step in the right direction!

I can't claim to know all that goes on in the States, we are from canada, but I do try to follow Human Rights issues no matter where they are in the world! I was just so excited to find out that same-sex couples who are married or want to get married will have the same rights as every other married couple! I know that not all States are the same and there is still some bans on same-sex marriages :( , but I believe soon it will be legal all over America and hopefully other countries as well. Our country has had gay marriage rights leaglized for as long as I can remember. I have never taken for granted how lucky we are to live in Canada and how lucky I was to be able to marry the one I was meant questions asked. My heart goes out to the couples who want to be married and can't or who are married but where they live it means nothing, because to the couple it means EVERYTHING! It takes time for change but it seems like things are heading in the right direction for those living across the way from us! Congratulations on a big step forward!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Learning to Fly...

T and I are dreamers and have high hopes for our future, whatever that maybe. T starts the journey next Friday to become a pilot. This is a HUGE step for T and our life. She loves all things planes (always has) and for her birthday last year I brought her up for her very first plane ride! Since that day I think mostly because the pilot actually let her fly for a bit, she could not get flying out of her head and how badly she wanted to become a pilot and build a career doing it. She has always felt like she couldn't do things because of money, time, not smart enough, it will never happen...all those usual quetions ppl tell themselves before taking a huge leap into the unknown. But here we are a week away from a dream catching fire. I am excited for her to fulfill this dream. We still don't know 100% where the $ will come from but I'm a BIG HUGE believer in where there's a will there's a way! We had a dream of building our family and here we are into our last trimester, at the start we had no clue if or how we would do it or even if it would work for us but we took that leap and landed on cloud 9! Live your dreams no matter how minuscule or how gigantic they can come true!
Happy Friday blogg landers! Have a spectacular weekend!
Before going up! (Last Year) 

After! (last Year)

Monday, June 17, 2013

T is the father of my children!

Happy Fathers day to my love T! She truly is what the word "father" stands for in every way possible! I feel blessed that my children have such an amazing "father figure". She continues to surprise me everyday with her love for our daughter and soon to be son! Happy Fathers day T!
 hope you enjoyed the cupcakes!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

95 days left to go! (Give or take of course!)

This baby boy of ours has given me a pretty easygoing pregnancy! I feel lucky that I never got sick or had any complications (so far) The only thing I had was few dizzy spells and an upset stomach from time to time, very early in the pregnancy. For the most part it has been fun and easy. Lately though it has been uncomfortable and I feel my body slowing down a lot. I am used to go! go! go! but it seems to be no no no now! Not that I am complaining, I have truly loved every minute of this little guy being warm and safe inside me. I was very surprised when T mentioned that she will miss me being pregnant, I think I will miss it too but so happy that he will be in our arms!
Room seems to be getting scarce in the tummy Inn. I can actually see him move sometimes when looking at my belly! He seems to be on a little schedule too- he wakes me up every morning with little kicks (I am guessing he is hungry! I know I sure am!!) Then I feel him sometimes in the afternoon here and there but not too much. At bedtime he is the most active, I swear he is playing hacky sack with my insides! T thinks it is just amazing to feel his tiny kicks. I love how she smiles and gets so happy when she feels him! Brings joy to my heart every single time.

Side note on Rude people!

Before we started TTC (2 or 3 years before) I had lost  A LOT of weight (over a 120lbs I lost) by the time we had got married I had put back on about 40-50 of those lbs but it never bothered me I was healthy and why would it??? T has always and will always make me feel like I am the most beautiful. I have put on some more lbs now that we are pregnant, not a crazy amount but I carry a lot of it in my face. I do feel I have a little belly, I have never been stick thin but I see a baby belly!! Well to make a long story short - when I was at my old office visiting, one of my co-works  said "oh I thought you had just put back on all the weight you lost; I didn't even know you were pregnant- congratulations!" To me it was a little rude. I have always been ashamed of my size but as I grow up it is my health that comes first not my dress size!! My family is always bugging and asking me especially now that I am pregnant. Saying things like "have you gained a lot?" what is your weight now?" every conversation something to do with my weight comes up! My family is like that and always has been, thin = beauty to them!! This is one reason why I rarely speak to them! I do plan to drop a few lbs after our son is born but more for keeping up with a toddler and being a more healthy active me! I have no desire to be a size 0!  ...Yes I look huge but to me it is worth it!  I am a bigger girl who is pregnant and I show my baby pump off with pride and love! We are all people, we are all made up of the same things!! big, small, gay straight, short, tall, black, white it does not matter! I am a true believer in accepting people for who they are on the inside! 

Hope everyone is having a great week! Peace and Positive vibes to everyone out in blog-World!

26 weeks today!