Tuesday, February 26, 2013

12 years of love & fun!

Today is our daughter SJ's 12th birthday! (T is in the adoption process..and what a process that is but we say she is "ours" and she shares T's last name as do I! )  It's amazing how time flies when your having fun. Seems like just yesterday I was changing her diapers! I hope she enjoys her funky rainbow cake I made!!
Sj at 7 months old!
Happy 12th Birthday SJ!! 

I have a post coming on the story of how SJ came to be. It's long and I am working on condensing it! I have been thinking a lot about the differences ...BIG differences I should say between my pregnancy now and then.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

8 days!

8 days! I hope that it goes by fast!
We get to see our baby (or babies) for the very first time!

   We did have our doctor’s appointment last week, it went very well and I was considered 10 weeks with a due date of September 9th!  So the fruit of the week is…drum roll…a LIME!! Our little monkey is the size of a lime this week!! We can’t wait to have a glimpse of him/her/them on the 28th!! 

Take care & baby dust to everyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY little Project.

We had this old broken table that my sister had left with me a few years back, it has been collecting dust in the basement storage for awhile. When I saw a similar idea on Pintrest that little table came to my mind. Since me and my love have made a pact to do everything for the nursery by hand (not including the crib of course LOL) I think this little table will fit in to the nursery very nicely!  I fixed the leg and will be fixing the top once I grout the little marbles in! We had everything we needed for this little project the only cost was the little flat marbles total cost 3.75$

Happy Love day everyone!!! <3





Friday, February 8, 2013

Raspberry or Prune???

Not sure on this but from the doctors 2 week add on thing it looks like we would be 10 weeks, but I have been going by the date we had our IUI which makes us 8 week.  I will be asking the doctor on what we go by next week. Everything I have read says that regardless you should add the 2 weeks. So does that mean the online fetus progress information is based on that 2 week add? I am assuming it does. Guess we will find out! If we are 8 weeks are little monkey is the size of a raspberry and his or her tail is now gone!  If we are 10 weeks along then our little one is the size of a prune and his or her fingernails and hair are starting to appear! We are hoping to get it all figured out so that we can track the progress a little better! 

Stay positive and baby dust to everyone! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nope we don’t own one of those...

Note: Almost everyone I know owns one of these and let me say I think it's great & awesome for them! (and others I don't know who own one!) This is just how we feel so I hope no one gets offended. 

For a long time I have felt guild for not owning one of these, I felt less of a person on this planet, it was like a secret club I didn’t belong to and it felt shameful. When people would ask if we rented or owned I felt so awkward answering that question… I really shouldn’t have but I did! Maybe it is because society feels you should do things a certain way and owning a home is a little part of that “way”. You always hear the same old story - get married…buy a home and then have kids.  We have never felt that to be true!! So our answer is simple now “ We don’t have plans on owning a home anytime soon”
Right now renting is great and fits our needs to a T! When things brake we don’t fork out money to fix it or worry about the roof, furnace or anything like that. We love renting; We love that we can be in a great family neighborhood that maybe if we were buying would not get the opportunity to be in. The big reason though is that we don’t want to settle just yet, we have no idea where in Canada we want to live/raise our family.  Maybe we want to be a traveling family and explore every inch of this country of ours or maybe we want live on a boat in Nova Scotia...who knows :) We both live for adventure and that desire could take us anywhere!  
There is however three things I do know for sure…
1)   Life is way to short to NOT live outside the box
2)   In the end all we are left with are the experiences
3)   The only regrets you have are the risks you didn’t take