Friday, May 9, 2014


Hello out there!!
It has been way way to long since I last posted and there is a million and one things to say, but I will keep it short and sweet! Life has been a little rocky, we still are at my sisters but not for long...we have decided to sell EVERY worldly possession and travel through Canada and then onto the world hopefully!! Our short term goal is to get through the summer and if things just flop on the whole idea we have a back up plan and a little savings if need be! We will be buying a little RV and hitting the road this summer! Crazy! It's crazy but I love it! How will we afford it you ask? Simple save as much $ as we can and we have joined a program where we travel and work on farms for free meals, food, lodging if needed! I do freelance photography as well. We have always toyed with the idea of travelling, but always thought it could never happen. It is happening and although I am very scared, I am very excited about showing our kiddlets what is out there and just being there for them without the 9-5 job! I know all will not go smooth at times, but we all have those moments no matter how we live! :) We will be putting a new travel blog up soon!
T will still be going through the surgery that's why we are staying within Canada for awhile (it's a long process 2-3 year!) everything is going well with it so far.
Now on to what you really want pictures of our little monkey! HE IS SO AWESOME! I can not say that enough! his personality makes us laugh a zillion times a day, he is such a little character! I can not believe he is 7 months already!
I can't stop snapping pictures of this little guy!

me and my not so little girl..time really does fly by fast! xox

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