Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but our life sure did!

Ozzie & Daddy

Life is funny, it goes great for a little while then all of the sudden your life unravels into a big hot mess. T lost her job and we are down to just one not so high income.
We ended up not being able to get our New SUV we had to get a car with a smaller price tag! Two weeks after we got our car we spun out and hit a snow bank leaving us with a nice busted bumper. :(  For now we are going to stay with my sister until we can get out of our little rut. We decided to move back to where all our family is, which we are so happy about! It is also closer to T's gender reassignment appointments which is a big plus. The Doctor feels it would be best for T to go onto disability until her surgery is complete (we also think this is a great idea) Our little guy is doing  SO good and he seems to love having all the family around His smile makes every worry in the world melt away. He is such a sweetheart! He is the happiest baby I ever meet! Sj is doing much better. She is happy to be with her family more then anyone of us I think! Everything in this life happens for a reason. I am trying to be 110% positive it just seems hard at times. I never thought we would be at rock bottom, Luckily we have family members who are there for us right now. I have been online checking in on a few of you bloogers. I just have been so busy with everything I haven't had  moment to just get on and post!

5 months old!

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  1. Great to see a photo of Oz, not so good to hear of your run of not so good luck. It sounds like you do have some support though, which is a lot of help when things take a weird turn.