Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year..better late then never I guess!

 With our car now dead and the huge amount of snow we have been getting (shovelling a long drive way seems to take days LOL)I have had very little time to get online.  I have to say I loved 2013 in a lot of ways and hated it in others! So glad to see 2014! My hope is for a new start and some awesome changes to come! 2013 brought us our little guy and I will FOREVER be thankful for that!  2014 seems to be heading in a great direction. We pick up our new SUV on Saturday This will be my very first vehicle bought from a dealership! (I have never owned a car that cost me over 2000$ lol) I am excited to have a new car but scared to have a car payment lol. We have the first Gender reassignment appointment next month for T. So 2014 is off to some good changes YAY!
The little guy is getting so big he can hold his head up and tries so hard to roll onto his back from his tummy. He is such a handsome and  drooly boy.

I really wanted to post some pictures but blogger is having some issues and will not let me! I will try tomorrow!
Happy 2014 everyone may it be filled with love, health and lots of laughter!

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